Good Reasons To Join A ViPR Fitness Class

Good Reasons To Join A ViPR Fitness Class

ViPR is a great fitness class that uses a unique weight tool. It is bound to become the fitness craze of 2015. ViPR is pronounced “viper” and its letters stand for vitality, performance, and reconditioning.

It is a whole body workout and is more effective than standard weight lifting because it combines weights with movement.

Why Try A ViPR Fitness Class?

1.    Special ViPR Weight Equipment

ViPR is also the name of a tool that was invented specifically for ViPR, the sport. It looks like a long tube and it has two handles in the center. It is one meter long, made of rubber and is available in various weights, ranging from 4kg to 26kg.

It is made of rubber and allows for all types of functions, you can drag it, lift it, throw it, and step on it. It is indestructible and very functional. Therefore, it is suitable for people of all ages and levels.

When used in a cardio-based class it helps build muscle, burn calories and provide for the optimal performance in movement based weight training.

The ViPR can be lifted up in the air to tone your arms, or even swung in order to work out your sides. It burns calories while building muscle.

Furthermore, it can replace other pieces of gym equipment. This includes kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, medicine balls, balance devices, and speed ladders. ViPR is the only weight trainer that works out an entire muscle group, all at the same time.

2.    ViPR Will Get You Into Top Physical Shape

ViPR combines mobility training and strength training. It helps to get athletes back into physical shape, while improving their vitality and athletic performance. However, keep in mind that you do not need to be an athlete in order to get the most out of ViPR.

ViPR is suitable for anybody who wants to perform a sport that involves movement patterns that are task-oriented and cardio training at the same time. Furthermore, all ViPR exercises can be simplified and adapted to your individual fitness level and goals.

3.    ViPR Will Really Boost Your Athletic Performance

You should try ViPR, because it involves a lot of loaded movement training. This is a combination of resistance training and task-oriented movement patterns. Performing numerous tasks that have a purpose and lifting weights at the same time will make you agile and strong.

ViPR focuses on this, like no other sport. Loaded movement training also provides a challenge for your muscles, fascia, skin, nerves, and other body systems. Consequently, this improves your balance, flexibility and makes you stronger. It also allows you to improve your timing and coordination. Thus, you can improve your athletic performance and become more functional in your everyday life.

4. ViPR Is Cutting Edge

You can perform over 9000 exercises with ViPR. Therefore, it is a varied workout. It never gets boring, which is ideal if you struggle to remain motivated when you take up a new sport. Since ViPR is so varied, its workouts can be used in a variety of ways, depending on what you want to achieve.

It can substitute a particular type of training, such as cardio or mobility. It can forestall plateaus in your training and keep your fitness regime more interesting and challenging for you. For example, you could do a ViPR workout as a warm-up exercise before you start a lifting session.

Alternatively, you could use it as a cool down exercise following a mobility exercise. This will enable you to stick to your goal, remain motivated and focused while using a varied, challenging approach that will allow you to explore and improve your athletic abilities. It will also make it easier to identify your weaknesses and put a plan in place to combat them.

5. ViPR Is Convenient

ViPR is taught in lots of different sport clubs and gym chains so chances are, there is somewhere not too far from your house where you will be able to attend classes easily. This really helps, because most people give up going to a gym and working on their fitness goal unless it is easy for them to get there and back.



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