CrossFit is Changing the World for Women




CrossFit is Changing the World for Women

More and more women are getting into Crossfit. My wife trains with crossfit workouts. I love her strong attractive look that crossfit workouts have given her. Sometimes Crossfit, like anything else is something you have to try for yourself and see. If you have any interest in Crossfit at all, I encourage you to go by your local Crossfit gym, referred to as a Box, and have a look around. If at all possible, participate or at least observe one of the classes.

Now I will be completely honest with you. Crossfit workouts are very challenging. However, they are also very scalable. By that I mean you can either scale it up, or down, based on your personal fitness level.


For decades, the most popular forms of female athleticism revolved around cardio and weight loss. Cutting calories, spending hours on machines and attempting to achieve a waif-like figure seemed to define how, where and why women worked out and ate. But things are changing, and CrossFit has contributed to a powerful movement, from unattainable and monotonous modes of fitness to a focus on health, strength and empowerment.

The women at the helm of this movement are a whole new breed of leader. And they’re not just the elite of the CrossFit world. They’re the gym trainers and owners who commit time and energy to introducing communities to CrossFit. They’re the moms who take pride in their bodies and newfound abilities. They’re the young girls who are more concerned with health than magazine covers. It’s clear that CrossFit women are changing the world in a number of ways, including the following.

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