30 Crossfit Girls and Guys

The 30  Crossfit Girls and Guys of 2015

Check out these crossfit girls and guys. The girls are so

strong. Some guys don’t find them attractive. But I do!

My favorite’s are Brook Ence and Jessica Cote-Beaudoin.

The guys are great too.  I really get motivated to workout after

watching these fitness girls and guys.


It’s that time of year again, the CrossFit Games are almost upon us and (perhaps more importantly) it’s time for our annual list of the fittest and hottest girls and guys in the sport for 2015.  Some may have thought CrossFit was a fad but it appears to be here to stay and so is this annual list. They say Crossfit makes girls hot and guys small, they are right on the first part of that but we beg to differ on the guys being small part. The guys and girls on this list have hot, athletic, muscular bodies that are a sure to inspire and might even lead to some new CrossFit memberships.

This year we have expanded list from 10 women to 20 while them men’s side has remained at 10. Let’s all just be honest, most people come on here for the women, our Google Analytics doesn’t lie. We figured we would give you more of what you came for and to be honest finding 20 women for the list was still a pretty easy job. Enough jibber jabbering, lets get to the list

The Hottest Crossfit Girls and Guys of 2015


The Women


20)  Chelsea Grigsby

Chelsey Grigsby Crossfit

Chelsey is a former college softball player who is making her debut on the list this year.


19) Miranda Oldroyd

Miranda Oldroyd

Miranda is a Crossfit veteran who is the first of several from the well known Crossfit Norcal athlete to appear on the list. (The other 2 are Garret Fisher and Jason Khalipa)


18) Björk Odinsdottir

Bjork Odinsdottir

There must be something in the water in Iceland because she is the first of 4 women from Iceland to appear on the list.


17) Elisabeth Akinwale

Hot crossfit bodies

Less than 6 months after being introduced to CrossFit, Elisabeth qualified to the 2011 CrossFit Games, That is impressive, she has been a regular there ever since.


16) Stacie Tovar

Stacie Tovar

What needs to be said really, she is Stacie Freaking Tovar!

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